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Got that fatal error as well (also on the hogwarts one). Browser is Firefox 88 on Linux Mint, so probably not one you tested.

It's in the creation of the SimpleStore object. I won't even attempt to debug minified code, but here's the stacktrace:

Both games work on Chrome on the same system.

Got a fatal error on this one too

:/ I'm not sure what to tell you, my guy. It sucks that you are getting a fatal error but when I load them up they are fine. And since no one else has come to me with the same complaint I think the problem might be on your end. What browser are you using? What does the screen say when you try to load them up? I'm sorry you're having issues but I, unfortunately, don't know how to help. Good luck! I hope you figure it out!

Error says no valid storage adapters found. And then it lists a stack trace which I can post if you want. And I am using Edge. I can use Chrome if you think that would help.

Definitely try it out on Chrome. I didn’t build it with Edge in mind. Let me know if it works! Good luck!

Nice game—but we are stuck! How do we find the recipe visible in the image above? We’ve tried everything we can think of!

If you are talking about the All-Purpose Potion then the recipe for the potion is found on the balcony hidden in a secret link. If you are talking about the Full Moon Beef Stew Recipe then that is in the kitchen-- just click the cookbook link and it should add it to your inventory. Let me know if you're still having trouble. :)

Having fun playing this! I'm struggling with the master bedroom, I know it uses the journals but I'm struggling with the code.


**SPOILERS FOR CLUE SOLVING** So the first set of numbers is this 12/26/2005/62 The first bit: 12/26/2005 is a date. Look for the journal with this date. Next, is the number of words you have to count to. Count 62 words starting at the beginning of the journal entry with 'Dear'. Which should give you your first word. Now you have to find the rest of the words using the same method and then put them all together and enter the sentence into the input box in the master suite.**END SPOILERS**

Let me know if you're still having troubles with it and I can try and help you out! :)

I'm gonna ROT13 my spoilers.

My wife and I tried this one out tonight, in hopes of a fun escape room-style experience. Unfortunately, we couldn't figure out the checyr nonphf. I kept trying and searching for like an hour, but just couldn't figure out that last point.

Also, a few notes and bugs:

  • "Specific" in the cheat sheet appears to be missing its second C.
  • There doesn't seem to be a way to recover lost textbooks.
  • The last line of the doorknob puzzle appears to be off by gjb lrnef.

Thanks for the game, even if we couldn't figure out how to finish it!

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Hi! Thanks for playing and I'm sorry you couldn't figure out one of the clues. I'll try to help in ROT13

Concerning the checyr nonphf: the answer your looking for is on the cbepu.

Thanks for the spellcheck! You're right, there isn't a way to recover lost books and there should be.  Nice catch on the gjblr nef!

Thanks again for playing and the helpful comment! I'll be sure to include these fixes in the next update! :)

I also used ROT13 to conceal spoilers, but I can't figure out the hecking oyhr nonphf and it's driving me insane!

Ah okay, that one is located in the Fghql Ebbz. Gur tubfg va gurer jvyy uryc lbh ohg lbh unir gb svaq ure svefg. Let me know if you still have trouble finding it and I'll give you a better clue :)

I looked, and I've gone through the wbheanyf but I can't find anything. I put my face about an inch from the screen to look for a link, but nothing. I feel so stupid,  but I can't find it for the life of me.

Oh! It's not in the wbheanyf! The oyhr nonphf ahzore is in the Fghql Ebbz. It sounds like you are looking in the Yvoenel and not the Fghql Ebbz. :)

Found it, thank you so much, I feel like such an idiot, thank you. Wrong room, whoops-